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JingFu Mold owns lots of advanced machinery equipments such as 11 CNC Machines,7 High Speed CNC Machines,8 EDM Machines, 6 NC Cutting Machines, 1 CMM measure system etc. those encourage us to provide high precise mould and plastic part under possible price and short delivery time to our customer. In order to keep up with the times, JingFu Mold is very willing to invest funds on the innovated technology and equipments. Especially in 2014&2015, JingFu Mold introduce into two sets Two-head CNC EDM machine from Shanghai which improve the EDM processing accuracy and processing time for our molds.

Description Brand Model Specification Qty Supplier Remark
CNC Machine KaFo B-3122 3200X2200X1300 1 Tai Wan Great Longmen
Hartford HB-3190 3000X1970X920 1 Tai Wan Great Longmen
Lokshun CNC1580 1500X800 2 Tai Wan  
  CNC1270 1200X700 2 Tai Wan  
  CNC1000 1000X600 2 Tai Wan  
Daphen CNC850 800X500 3 Tai Wan  
High Speed CNC Machine Lokshun CNC 650 600X500 2 Tai Wan  
PollexMachihe CNC 600 600X500 2 Tai Wan  
Jiatie CNC 500 500X350 3 Tai Wan  
EDM Machine HSPK HE1800 1800X1000 2 Shanghai Two-Head
Hua Fong ZNC540 500X400 3 Tai Wan  
Hua Fong ZNC430 400X300 3 Tai Wan  
NC Cutting Machine Hai zhu 430 800X600 3    
    400X300 3    
Drilling Machine Jing zhun 1500 1500 1 China  
Jing zhun 1300 1300 1 China  
Jing zhun 200-600 200-600 10 China  
Milling Machine Ying Shun M5/M3   10 China  
Grinding Machine Ying Shun /   4 China  
Tapping Machine Jing zhun / M2-M50 2 China  
Travelling Crane   LH Type 20T/5T 1 China  
  LD Type 10T 3 China  
Injection Machine Hai Tian JM160/JM218/JM368   3 Hong Kong In House
Hai Tian JM80-380-C/ES   15 Hong Kong Sub-contract in the same roofing
Hai Tian JM600-C/ES   3 Hong Kong
Hai Tian JM780-C/ES   2 Hong Kong
Hai Tian JM1000-C/ES   2 Hong Kong
Hai Tian JM1300-C/ES   1 Hong Kong
Hai Tian JM1600-C/ES   1 Hong Kong
Hai Tian JM2800-C/ES   1 Hong Kong
Testing Tool CMM FLY654 500X600X400mm 1 Xi'an  
  Projector     1    
  Quadratic element (two-dimension)     1    
  Depth/Height/Hardness gauge     30    

Euromold -- Frankfurt/Main, Germany

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