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We believe outstanding quality begins with mold design capability and regard it as the key to successful mold making.JingFu Mold has a team of 25 experienced engineers, most of them have engaged in mold design and production for more than 10 years, they have extensive and practical experiences in mold design, manufacturing process and injection molding. JingFu Mold engineers are able to skillfully use a variety of software, they adopt advanced CAD/CAM/CAE systems. According to customer mold standard and specification, we provide 3D mold drawings in a full range of angle to avoid any point being missed on the mold, provide 2D mold drawing to detail the tolerance and technical requirements. Generally, the mold design drawings (3D & 2D) will be finished within 4 days after final data in receipt.

JingFu Mold also provide Moldflow analysis report in product design stage and mold design stage in order to improve the product precision construction and optimize the mold design. When make Moldflow before mold making, we always pay attention to choose the best solution to injection point and filling pressure, to reduce the shrinkage and warpage on the product, improve the cooling efficiency and shorten the molding cycle on the mold, take preventive measures to possible production issue during injection molding. Software combine with the actual problems, solve problems before mold making.

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