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JingFu Mold engineering Co., Ltd is a local mold maker in Dongguan city. Founded in 1997, we have 19 years experience focusing on plastic injection molds. In order to meet the growing business needs, JingFu Mold built a new and modern plant in 2013, it occupies an area of 6,000 square meters, the total staff are more than 160 people. We provide from small precise mold to large complicated mold with multiple 2,4, 8,16, or 32 cavities tool. The max. mold size we can make is 3200x2200mm, the max. mold weight is 25T. We also have extensive experience with Hot Runner, Hydraulic Cylinder and Unscrew demoulding mold construction. JingFu Mold exports more than 400 molds per year, our customers widely come from the field of Aero Parts, Automotive Parts, Household Appliances, Beauty and Industrial and so on.

Euromold -- Frankfurt/Main, Germany

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